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Εφημερεύοντα Φαρμακεία σε όλη την Ελλάδα

Payment methods


You can pay the price of your order upon receipt using cash.
The administration fee on delivery is 2.00 € per order.

Bank Deposit / Transfer

You can pay your order either bank deposit fund or bank transfer the amount via electronic transfer (e-Banking) in one of the following accounts of the company:
Bank Owner Account number IBAN
Eurobank ΣΥΣΤΕΓΑΣΜΕΝΑ ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΑ ΡΑΠΤΗΣ ΟΕ 0026.0015.71.0200839463 GR08 0260 0150 0007 1020 0839 463
National Bank ΣΥΣΤΕΓΑΣΜΕΝΑ ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΑ ΡΑΠΤΗΣ ΟΕ 22644054391 GR97 0110 2260 0000 2264 4054 391
Alpha Bank ΣΥΣΤΕΓΑΣΜΕΝΑ ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΑ ΡΑΠΤΗΣ ΟΕ 534 002002 005251 GR05 0140 5340 5340 0200 2005 251
Piraeus Bank ΣΥΣΤΕΓΑΣΜΕΝΑ ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΑ ΡΑΠΤΗΣ ΟΕ 6569-108239-276 GR13 0171 5690 0065 6910 8239 276
During the transaction, please fill in the etiology with the order number that will receive with the order confirmation email. This will become easier to identify the payment and then send the items of your order. If you transfer the amount using e-banking services and you do not keep an account in one of these banks, please prefer an alternative means of payment that you will not incur the additional cost of the interchange fee DIAS.

Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card

The payment of your order may be made ​​by credit, debit or prepaid card and payment integration is securely processed by Eurobank.

Ability to pay up to 6 installments for purchases over 90 euros.

For further security of electronic transactions by credit card you will be automatically redirected to a secure server of Eurobank's ProxyPay3 service, where you will be prompted to enter your details and those of the card which you are the rightful owner.